Florida has prioritized the need for all students to graduate from high school as college, career, and life ready in order to compete in today`s global and high-tech workforce. To address this priority, the Florida State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) provides technical assistance and high-quality professional development to targeted school districts across Florida. The SPDG focuses professional development activities (including coaching in the use of evidence-based strategies) to strengthen educators and improve the knowledge of district staff concerning effective instructional practices, student engagement, and supporting successful transition. Working within a multi-tier system of supports for districts demonstrating a need for assistance, the SPDG targets middle and high schools to implement, with fidelity, two evidence-based practices that promote academic achievement, engagement in school, and graduation.

1. Check & Connect is an intervention used with middle and high school students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out. At the core of Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring, trained mentor who both advocates for and challenges the student to keep education salient. Students are referred to Check & Connect when they show warning signs of disengaging from school, such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and/or low grades.

Of the dropout prevention interventions reviewed by the U.S. Department of Education's What Works Clearinghouse, Check & Connect is the only program found to have strong evidence of positive effects on staying in school.

2. Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) is a comprehensive model for adolescent literacy that addresses the need of students to be able to read and understand large volumes of complex materials as well as their need to be able to express themselves effectively in writing. SIM promotes effective teaching and learning of critical content using methods proven effective through more than 30 years of research and classroom experience. Participating schools implement Content Enhancement Routines and Learning Strategies based on the identified needs of their students.

Data Portal

This website provides teachers, mentors, coaches, school and district leadership teams, and professional development providers with data collection and display features that support data-driven decision making. Through the portal, evaluation instruments can be launched, and aggregated results can be viewed in real-time. While this website was designed specifically for districts participating in the SPDG professional development, it is free to all districts across Florida.

Data Portal Tutorials

The Florida SPDG website is used to assist in collecting, archiving, and interpreting data. Data is collected in several ways, such as surveys, observations, archived protocols and reports, and action plans. Through this centralized data site, charts and graphs are often automatically created so that you can quickly see summarized data for your school and district. This information helps educators make data-informed decisions, celebrate their successes in implementation and determine areas for additional focus. In addition to schools and districts, project leadership from Check and Connect and the Strategic Instruction Model, as well as the Florida Department of Education use the information to better support schools and districts. Then annually, summarized data across all participating districts is reported to the U.S. Department of Education illustrating progress as a whole in implementing evidence-based practices. This is vital for maintaining the funding that supports you.

These short video tutorials can assist you in using the features of the data portal.

Utilizing the Data Portal

Editing and Re-Using Surveys

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